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Quarantined or Social Distancing? Learn from the Best with The Great Courses

by Julia Carver 05/20/2020

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With the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic continuing to spread, many of us are facing quarantines, curfews, stay at home orders or similar restrictions. Some are temporarily out of work or have lost jobs. Even those who aren’t mandated to stay home should be practicing social distancing as well, which greatly curtails social activities.

The result for many adults (those without young kids, anyway)? Lots more time at home.

There are plenty of ways to use that extra time at home. Maybe you have a bunch of projects around the house that you’ve been too busy to get to. Maybe you’re relishing in a little more time to relax. Maybe you’re binge-watching a new show (or your favorite old one).

All these are great activities, but eventually, you’ll be looking for something more.

This season of quarantine is a great time to invest in yourself and learn something new. There’s just one problem: you can’t leave your house.

If you’re looking for an interesting educational opportunity that can be done from home, we’re here with a recommendation: The Great Courses.

The Great Courses: An Overview

The Great Courses bills itself as an opportunity for all of us to learn from some of the greatest minds alive today. The Teaching Company has produced video versions of hundreds of college courses taught by some of the most brilliant minds at some of the most prestigious universities. These courses are repackaged for the lifelong learner: no tests, quizzes or papers to be found, but plenty of excellent learning.

Not Your Average Correspondence Course

You may have some less than stellar memories of a correspondence audio or video course from your own college days: grainy footage from a single video camera in the back of the classroom, or worse, mere audio recordings of those lectures. That’s not what The Great Courses are like. Not at all.

Every course starts with lectures recorded by top-notch instructors and professors, but there’s much more to the course than just the lecture. Every course involves an expert production team. The Great Courses team is involved in conceptualizing the course to begin with, and there’s a host of instructional design, editing and graphic design work that goes into each course. The videos are professionally produced and directed, all with the lifelong learner — not a room full of college students — in mind.

Courses on Every Subject Imaginable

With a robust course library, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a random sampling:

  • Games People Play: Game Theory in Life, Business and Beyond
  • How Music and Mathematics Relate
  • Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong
  • Geology of North America
  • Dog Training 101
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Law School for Everyone: Constitutional Law
  • How Ideas Spread
  • The Great Courses includes courses that range from extremely practical to completely theoretical, from the casually enjoyable to the mind-bendingly challenging.

    Best Value: The Great Courses Plus

    If this sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to check out the new subscription service, The Great Courses Plus. Gain access to as much content as you want for a low monthly rate!

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